Wais Masomy 


Nirmaan is the event which  held under Kshitij state level event. I participated in 2 compitition which was PIPE PONTOON and dargon ball

In pipe pontton we had to make a bridge from straw, pin and a thermocol sheet having span of 40 cm and height of 27 cm . and the dargon ball is a game that you have to throw the ball on the cup from a marked distance and it was a wonderful day for me. 



The design or product occurs due to human limitations that are modelled on biological entities.

Lotus = Paint

The lotus flower is sort of like the sharkskin of dry land. The flower’s micro-rough surface naturally repels dust and dirt particles, keeping its petals sparkling clean. If you’ve ever looked at a lotus leaf under a microscope, you’ve seen a sea of tiny nail-like protuberances that can fend off specks of dust. When water rolls over a lotus leaf, it collects anything on the surface, leaving a clean and healthy leaf behind.

A GERMAN Company, spent four years researching this phenomenon and has developed a paint with similar properties. The micro-rough surface of the paint pushes away dust and dirt, diminishing the need to wash the outside of a house.


In the beginning of the lecture we had introduced with the domain.

-Then our team had to decide domain for the team

-and we had to observe for five sheets

A- Activities




U- Users

-Then Bhaskar sir explained us about the meaning of roleplay and gave a task to write a Roleplay Canvas.

-Then we went to the place which was related with our domain and observed the atmosphere and different activities  in that area.

-we went to a construction site so for the AEIOU sheet in construction site

-We complete all the sheets and returned to the college and check it to by our respective faculties.

 Roleplay 15/07/2017


An interesting topic related to real life

Here we were asked to think of ourselves as one of our family member and write how we would spend our day. I chose to be my younger brother  and wrote about his exam that was not going goodly for him

Product Development canvas

It was interesting activity,makes the brain work , helps to update our thinking process and to think in a new way and new direction . How we can create facilities and technology . How to save environment .

Empathizing canvas 

Students have to select a person who live in selected area and see his approach and his life connected with selected area and subject. and  See happy-happy and sad-sad situation. about his daily life from startingof a day till end of a day. Student can approach with empathizing the people are related to project and explore more productive thinking.

We  chose different people for example site engineer , superviser , student ,  etc.

And wrote two happy story and sad story about the selected person and express the feelings which they experienced in daily life.

Building construction model 

In building construction subjet the class devided in groups to make model and our group made a model on staircase and  lean to roof it was a team work and we work together and we made a ppt and also a video and introduced all the parts of the model and it was a wonderful experience.